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Hampden-Sydney Tennis Concludes Action At Marlin Round Robin Invite

Hampden-Sydney Tennis Concludes Action At Marlin Round Robin Invite

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – The Hampden-Sydney tennis team wrapped up action at the Marlin Round Robin Invite with several players earning multiple wins in the event. The two-day event was hosted by Virginia Wesleyan University.

In addition to H-SC and the host Marlins, Marymount University, Southern Virginia University and Washington College (Md.) participated in the Invite.

While the event was not a dual format, several players saw action against the same team in same round.

Seniors Matthew Moody/Raleigh, N.C. and Michael Moody/Raleigh, N.C. each earned a pair of singles wins on the second day after teaming up and going undefeated in doubles on the first day.

Freshman Patrick Conde/Virginia Beach got his first collegiate singles win in his hometown with a win over Virginia Wesleyan in a tiebreak.

The Tigers will be back in action next weekend, October 4-6, when they travel to the ITA Fall Regional host by the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg.

Singles Results

Matthew Moody (HSC) def Paul Eisenmagen (WC) 8-5
Landon Strober (WC) def Michael Moody (HSC) 8-3
Clark Cummings (HSC) def August Meriot (WC) 8-5
Kyle Hickey (WC) def Grayson Burns (HSC) 8-7 (2)
Andrew Province (WC) def Andrew Donelson (HSC) 8-4
Andrew Smith (WC) def Zander Theoharis (HSC) 8-3
Christian Gruyon (WC) def Patrick Conde (HSC) 8-0
Andrew Province (WC) def Zander Theoharis (HSC) 8-0 

Marcos Dias (SVU) def Matthew Moody (HSC) 8-0
Kukutla Motlojoa (SVU) def Michael Moody (HSC) 8-1
Paul Monson (SVU) def Clark Cummings (HSC) 8-2
D. Blonquist (SVU) def Andrew Donelson (HSC) 8-5
Ben Spencer (SVU) def Patrick Conde (HSC) 8-0
Tanner Bassett (SVU) def Zander Theoharis (HSC) 8-2 

Matthew Moody (HSC) def Timothy Tep (VWU) 8-1
Michael Moody (HSC) def Anthony Wilson (VWU) 8-4
Clark Cummings (HSC) def Nick Gunther (VWU) 8-6
Mitchell Perry (VWU) def Greyson Burns (HSC) 8-5
Henry West (VWU) def Andrew Donelson (HSC) 8-6
Andreas Combos (VWU) def Zander Theoharis (HSC) 8-3
Patrick Conde (HSC) def Noah Hughes (VWU) 8-7 (5)  

Matthew Moody (HSC) def Dorian Guiot (MU) 8-7 (6)
Michael Moody (HSC) def Nicolas Stromberg (MU) 8-7 (6)
Clark Cummings (HSC) def Brecht Chamuleau (MU) 8-1
Grayson Burns (HSC) def Neal Devkaran (MU) 8-1
Andrew Donelson (HSC) def Anthony Sijera (MU) 8-0
Zander Theoharis (HSC) def Roncs Etame-Ese (MU) 8-0


Doubles Results 

Moody/Moody (HSC) def Motlojoa/D. Blonquist (SVU) 8-7 (5)
Dias/Monson (SVU) def Cummings/Burns (HSC) 8-2
Sherwood/Spencer (SVU) def Donelson/Theoharis (HSC) 8-2 

Moody/Moody (HSC) def Eisenmagen/Hickey (WC) 8-2
Burns/Cummings (HSC) def Meriot/Strober (WC) 8-6
Evans/Smith (WC) def Conde/Donelson (HSC) 8-3 

Moody/Moody (HSC) def Perry/West (VWU) 8-6
Tep/Gunther (VWU) def Cummings/Burns (HSC) 8-2
Combos/Hughes (VWU) def Conde/Donelson (HSC) 8-7 (5)